Learn how to make delicious marzipan effortlessly and quickly
Hello, everyone! Today, we'll tell you how easy and simple it is to make marzipan at home, which can be challenging to find in stores, especially of good quality.

In high-quality marzipan, almonds make up at least 50%, and even better if it's 70%. It consists of just two ingredients: almond flour and powdered sugar. The flavor is enhanced by almond essence, so choose a high-quality one, as it determines the final taste of the marzipan! It's very convenient to use an essence with a dropper.

So, let's get started.

  • Almond flour: 100 g (3.5 oz)
  • Powdered sugar: 50 g (1.8 oz)
  • Alcohol (rum, cognac, strong liqueur) or water: 20 g (around 4 tsp)
  • Almond essence, around 10 drops or to taste

In our recipe, we use high-quality almond flour and sifted powdered sugar. Additionally, we use a small amount of water. You can substitute water with strong alcohol like cognac, rum, or amaretto.

Mix sugar with flour. Add the liquid and flavoring (around 10 drops). Mix until you achieve a dense, pliable consistency resembling playdough. Marzipan is ready! So quick and easy.

Wrap it and refrigerate. Marzipan can also be stored in the freezer.
Marzipan can be used for baking cakes and stollens. It is incredibly delicious and aromatic, adding a special touch to your baking.

For a better understanding of this material, check out the video on our YouTube channel.