Flash paper (pyropaper) - a new cake trend?!

How to choose and correctly use flash paper for cake decoration
Corporate cake that we made for our clients.
Let us tell you in detail about a new trend that is gaining momentum on social media. We'll teach you how to be not only a cake baker but also a bit of a magician! Now, a show cake can be made not only by an experienced super cake baker but absolutely by anyone! Today, we'll talk to you about flash paper. Let's figure out together what this paper is and how to use it for cake decoration.
Flash paper is a special type of paper actively used by magicians, event organizers, theaters, various shows, and even for serving dishes in restaurants. However, it's only recently that this paper has been used for the striking presentation of cakes. What sets it apart from regular paper?

Thanks to its unique composition, flash paper burns in just a second, leaving no smoke, ash, or residue. For a visual demonstration, we lit regular printer paper alongside flash paper. As you can see, the ordinary paper didn't burn completely and left a lot of ash, while the flash paper disappeared in a second without a trace.

Flash paper is divided into three types: white, colored, and the so-called "rinsed" paper with a neutral pH. The last type is used for so-called food-related magic tricks. During production, it undergoes an additional thorough rinse, making it considered safe. Hence, it comes at a higher cost. Use only this type if there's direct contact with edible products. For decorations not directly in contact with food, regular white or colored flash paper can be used. Colored paper burns slightly slower due to the dye content and might leave a mark. To avoid this, create decorations in the same color as the paper, making any dye residue inconspicuous.

The trendiest decoration using flash paper is a flaming wedding cake! It's a tiered cake with a spiral effect. You can purchase a spiral stand or make one yourself using an aluminum tube with a diameter of about 6 mm.

Firstly, cut the flash paper into long strips and completely wrap the stand so that there are no visible gaps. We do this purely for aesthetics since our stand isn't white. If yours is white, you can skip this step. Then, cut the strips to create a fringed effect and wrap them around the stand again. Secure all the details using a neutral gel.

Remember, despite how quickly this paper burns, it involves an open flame. Ensure there are no other highly flammable items near your cake. Pay particular attention to your hair.

The paper ignites instantly, and the more paper you use, the larger and higher the flames will be. For larger setups, it's better to ignite them from a distance using a long lighter.

Flash paper is sold in airtight packages and should be stored in them. Storage guidelines can be found in the instructions included in the package or online.

Our spiral is ready. It looks very elegant and beautiful. It only took 30 minutes.
We're placing it on the cake and lighting it up. We tested this decor on cake dummies. We created dummies of the required sizes and covered them with chocolate velvet. Since dummies doesn't retain cold, the velvet began to melt in some places. On a real cake, which will be cold, the velvet shouldn't melt so much. Consider this if you plan to use faux tiers. It's better to pre-cover them with frosting or fondant, and then apply the velvet. This way, the layer will be more resistant to cold. Recipes for basic cake coverings are available in our tutorials. Link to the tutorials here.
Flash paper is an excellent and trendy solution if you want to create a real showpiece with your cake. We've posted a YouTube video where you can watch two other interesting experiments with flash paper.