Here, we'll share with you the nozzles that will make your cake exquisitely refined in the vintage style
This decorating method was traditionally used for Royal cakes. By the way, at the latest royal wedding of Prince William and Kate, their wedding cake was crafted in this same style. This style is named after an English confectioner named Joseph Lambeth. He didn't invent this decorating method, but he significantly contributed to its popularization and refinement.
Originally, icing was used for decoration, but Lambeth also utilized buttercream. He not only decorated cakes but also gingerbread. In 1934, he published his book "Lambeth method of cake decoration and practical pastries" detailing and illustrating extensively how to create icing baskets, flowers, patterns, sugar paste, and much more across 360 pages. This book became a sort of bible for pastry chefs.

Now, let's consider what we'll need to create the cake.

Firstly, the suitable frosting. Buttercream will be perfect!

Choose the frosting that you find most convenient and comfortable to work with personally.

Secondly, suitable piping tips. Let's delve a bit deeper into them.

1. Open and closed star nozzles
Usually, two large closed star nozzles are used for cupcake swirls. They are commonly found among most cake bakers. In a Vintage style cake, we use them to create waves and "shells".

Links for purchasing piping tips:

Classic star piping nozzle, 12mm, 7 points

French star piping nozzle, 12mm, 15 points

2. Small round nozzles
They often used for icing cookies. However, in this design, we'll use them for lettering.

Round piping nozzle 2 mm

Round piping nozzle 4 mm
3. Small closed star nozzle.
With this nozzle, we create borders and various decorations on cookies. In Vintage style, we use it for small roses.

Purchase link:
Small closed star piping nozzle. 6 points. 3-5 mm

4. Petal piping nozzles.
These are used for making scrolls and frills. Additionally, these nozzles we use for our signature recipe of buttercream flowers.

Purchase links:

Tulip 120 - Large

Tulip 102 - Medium

Tulip 101 - Small

These nozzles are used for the small flower decorations on Easter Panettone.

Icing bag adaptor.
Additionally, for your convenience, you can use an adaptor. It securely holds the nozzle, preventing it from slipping out. The advantage is that you can quickly change nozzles while keeping the same piping bag.

Purchase link:

Icing bag adaptor

Don't put too much frosting in the piping bag; it may melt. The bag with frosting should comfortably fit in your hand for even pressure.

If you're using a piping nozzle for the first time, you can practice on a file folder - refer to the photo.

To make your cake look stylish and modern, precision is crucial. The spacing between the decor elements should be consistent. Marking on the cake can be helpful.

You can watch an instructional video on creating a Vintage-style cake on our YouTube channel.
Wishing you beautiful cakes!