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The Isomalt Guide

After completing this course, you will understand how to work with isomalt most effectively. Isomalt decor is so trendy, it is in high demand among customers. You will learn to work with it easily, quickly and with pleasure!
What will you learn
  • Preparation
    How to choose the right isomalt and tools
  • Temperature
    How to properly heat isomalt so that it does not turn yellow, and the decor comes out transparent like glass
  • Coloring
    How to color isomalt with liquid food colors, dry food colors, luster dust, and which food colors are better not to use
  • Sugar paper and wafer paper
    How to make lollipops with images
  • Molds
    How to properly work with silicone molds for shaped lollipops
  • Storage
    Four ways to store isomalt and protect it from moisture
  • Life hacks
    Many useful tips and unobvious nuances for all stages of work
7 reasons to take this course
  • 1
    This course can be easily accessed from your computer or phone. Your personal account with contain access to all purchased materials on the site
  • 2
    We present the information clearly and concisely. No fluff or 3-hour webinars to dig through to find the necessary information
  • 3
    Unlimited access
    Access to the purchased course is unlimited. You don't have to strive to remember everything at once. You can always return to review the lesson in detail
  • 4
    All important information on the topic of the course is contained in the 20-page PDF file attachment with charts and cheat sheets
  • 5
    Our support
    Our team will always be ready to help and answer in detail any questions that might arise on the topic of the course
  • 6
    We show all the stages of work with isomalt, so that absolutely anyone could master this technique
  • 7
    Learn at your own pace
    There are no deadlines, and no hurry. For this journey to be pleasant and enjoyable, we made it possible for you to be able to study the lessons and the materials at a pace that is comfortable for you
Who this course is for

If you have already mastered cake baking and would like to learn how to make impressive and lively decor - this course is for you! Having mastered work with isomalt, you will be able to fulfill more profitable orders and demonstrate your creativity. Customers adore cakes with isomalt decor, which is now the most popular decor. We will pass our experience of working with isomalt on to you and will show you how easy and simple it is to work with isomalt.

The Course Program
PDF file
A PDF-Guide to Isomalt
PDF instruction 20 pages
Lesson 1
Video 6 min 21 sec
Lesson 2
Isomalt preparation
Video 5 min 05 sec
Lesson 3
Isomalt coloration
Video 11 min 04 sec
Lesson 4
Lollipops with pictures and inscriptions
Video 12 min 08 sec
Lesson 5
Molds and shaped lollipops
Video 7 min 23 sec
Lesson 6
Storage and moisture protection
Video 15 min 19 sec
Bonus lesson
Bonus lesson with simple, but spectacular decor
Video 7 min 01 sec
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