How to make black frosting that doesn't stain the lips and has a stable consistency
In this article, we'll share our life hack on how we make black frosting that is natural and maintains a wonderful stable consistency. Moreover, it is very delicious and hardly stains the lips!

Previously, we often tried to dissuade customers from choosing black cakes because such frosting would terribly stain the lips, turning any birthday into Halloween. Also, when we added too much gel food coloring, the frosting could become thin and struggle to hold its shape.
Слева: исходный цвет шоколадного крем-чиза. Мы добавляем порошковый угольный краситель. Справа: готовый чёрный крем. Вкусный, красивый, гладкий. удобный в работе!
Now, black frosting has become one of our favorites. We make it based on chocolate cream cheese frosting with the addition of natural charcoal coloring. You can see exactly which coloring agent we use in our work.

Vintage cake designs are currently very trendy, and black is requested very often! It looks incredibly stylish! Working with this frosting is a pleasure – it holds its shape well, doesn't melt too quickly, and is easy to prepare. And most importantly, it is delicious!
The frosting turns out very smooth and beautiful!
We gathered feedback from customers, asking them how much our black frosting stains the lips. We've been told that they expected it to be much worse! The lips are slightly tinted, but after a sip of tea, the black color washes off immediately.

The recipe for chocolate cream cheese frosting is available on our school's website. We highly recommend checking out this lesson!