What nozzle and frosting to choose?
Looking at these delicate spring cupcakes, it may seem that only a true professional can make them. But I assure you, anyone can handle this task!

Two things are important: a suitable nozzle and delicious frosting that holds its shape well.

Nozzles for such designs are sold individually as well as in sets.
The shapes of leaves and tulips may vary slightly, but the result will still be very similar.

Here are some links for you:

  1. Beginner set of nozzles "tulips + leafs".
  2. Nozzle exactly like ours, No. 352 "leaf".
  3. Nozzle "tulip".
A photo from our lesson on cupcakes.

It's very important that the tops of the cupcakes have a uniform shape, without peaks. This way, the design will turn out even and neat.
We teach how to make our signature cupcakes (vanilla and chocolate) in our lesson. They turn out even, golden, very moist, and tender inside. This is not sponge dough! We don't make cupcakes with it because they turn out quite dry. This is a specially developed dough specifically for cupcakes.

For this design, we chose our most delicious frosting - white chocolate cream cheese frosting. There's a mini-course on it available on our website.
The frosting for covering a cake takes up an insignificant part when you're already eating a sliced ​​piece. If the frosting isn't tasty, you might just leave it on the plate. The frosting for a custom cake is like a beautiful wrapper for candy. Its main task is to be beautiful and perform its functions well, so that the decoration on it adheres well.

But with cupcakes, it's a different story. Just being beautiful is not enough. It would be strange to leave the frosting on the plate after eating just the cupcake. The frosting in cupcakes is the basis of the dessert, not just an addition.

That's why we chose the most delicious frosting from our assortment - chocolate cream cheese frosting.

We apply the frosting first to the sides of the pastry bag, just a little bit. And then we put the main portion in the middle. The colors must harmonize! Take inspiration from the petals of real tulips; nature always creates perfect combinations. When your frosting runs out, it's not necessary to take a new pastry bag. You can layer other harmonizing colors on top, thus making the tulips even more beautiful and colorful.

The finishing touch - we pack cupcakes into tulip-shaped paper liners.
During the process, refer to our short video where we demonstrated how to make these tulip cupcakes.